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The 2022 Rising Nation River Journey


On August 24, 2002 an historic event took place at the Pennsbury Manor, the former estate of William Penn in Morrisville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, that marked a new beginning of brotherhood between the Lenape Indian Tribe and the people that neighbor the Delaware River. A treaty of renewed brotherhood was signed by the Lenape and a number of organizations, including environmental groups, churches, historical societies, and sincerely committed individuals, who wish to actively support the Lenape culture and to help sustain their people, language, and way of life. The signing was prefaced by an equally historic and monumental three-week canoe journey, which began at the top of the Delaware River in Hancock, N.Y. and culminated in Cape May, NJ. It was agreed that the re-signing of the Treaty, as well as the River Journey, would take place every four years and did so again in the years of 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018.

The time is approaching to make that wonderful journey, both physically and in Spirit, once again! Details on the 2022 Journey will be available Summer 2022.


All are welcome to join us on the river, and all committed individuals and organizations are invited to join our "Rising Nation" and sign the Treaty of Renewed Friendship!


The journey down the Lenape Sipu (Delaware River) is a joint effort to raise awareness, awaken the spirit, and bestow the past, environmentally, culturally and historically, to the future. It is meant to promote the awareness that the Lenape people living in Pennsylvania are carrying on their ancestral traditions, culture and spiritual beliefs, and that they are engaged in numerous projects to provide practical ways for all citizens to respect and protect our homeland and the health, welfare, and future of the next seven generations of our children. Our aim is to promote the awareness that the state of Pennsylvania is one of only a few states in this country that does not recognize its indigenous people, and to invite citizens and political representatives to sign this treaty so that we may fulfill the dream envisioned by our founding fathers, William Penn and Chief Tamanend. Finally, we desire to put the fear, pain and humility of the past behind us, once and for all, and to walk together into the future.


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The Treaty of Renewed Friendship

The Treaty states that those who sign acknowledge the Lenape as the indigenous caretakers of these lands and agree to support the Lenape Tribe in their own unique way. Although this is not a legal, binding document, it is an agreement of heart, mind and spirit. Its words carry the integrity of our ancestors and the hope of our children. Those organizations and individuals who sign this treaty will forever be a part of our mutual history and the stories that we tell our children. They must make the commitment to "stand up well" as a living testament to the fact that environmental, cultural, and historical awareness is the key to our future. 

Treaty of Renewed Friendship

In the spirit of Chief Tamanend and in the spirit of William Penn, we, the undersigned, do openly recognize the Lenape Indian Tribe as the original inhabitants of Pennsylvania. We acknowledge the Lenape people as the indigenous stewards of their homelands and also as the spiritual keepers of the Lenape Sipu, or Delaware River. 

And we do hereby commit actively to support our Lenape sisters and brothers in whatever way we are able to, for a term of four years, helping to maintain the cultural identity of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Southern New York.

We will support the Lena’pe people in one or more of the following ways: Hosting Cultural / Educational programs, partnering as caretakers of the Lenape homeland and Delaware River, assisting in Lenape Language revival projects, assisting in displays/exhibits of Lena’pe culture,
helping the Lenape people to obtain and/or protect sacred land sites, encouraging updated curriculum in public schools, attending Lenape functions, volunteer service and support, distributing information, financial assistance.

We also recognize that this treaty is good for a term of four years, August 17 th , 2014 until August 17 th 2018, at which time a new treaty may be entered into.


May these partnerships serve to heal the past, give direction for today, and brighten the future as we move forward, learning from the mistakes of some of our forefathers, and may we, together, bring to light the cultural and geographical significance of Pennsylvania, preserving this natural history for all of our children.

May the Creator of all things embrace us as we move ahead.


Our 2022 Sponsors

The Rising Nation River Journey is all about collaborating with conscientious community organizations  and individuals to work toward common goals. The Journey is funded largely by the kindness and support of those who donate.


We are currently welcoming donations from organizations in the form of monetary donations or gift cards for food, accommodations, boat rentals, etc. Please feel free to contact us to make a donation for the River Journey.

-See our GoFundMe page for a list of individuals who have offered donations. Wanishi!

-Wanishi to the following businesses who have offered discounts or gift cards to help outfit, lodge, and feed our paddlers: