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Events, Education, and collaborations

See below for information on upcoming events, classes, exhibits, documentaries,
and arranging programs or consultations.

Barnes Art Class: 11/6-11/27
Class: Lenape Craft, Art, and Curation, Historic and Contemporary

Mondays, 11/6/23 – 11/27/23, 4:00 – 6:00

Join Clan Mother Teri and Chief Adam in this four-week online class hosted by the Barnes Foundation! Explore how Lenape crafting techniques can be used to illustrate and educate in a timeless way, connecting us with ancestors while addressing our living culture. Learn about curation of Lenape exhibits as well as problematic representations of indigenous culture in galleries, film, and other media. Registration is required. Scholarships available.

Widoktadwen Fair: 11/24
WBF Pic.png
Widoktadwen Center Native Heritage Day Celebration & Book Fair

Friday, 11/24/23, 9:00 – 4:00

Come visit the Nation table at the Widoktadwen Center for Native Knowledge's Native American Heritage Day Celebration & Book Fair! A day of storytelling, crafts, music, artifacts, children's programs, and more! If you are unable to attend in person, use code IN STORE at any Barnes and Noble on 11/24 to support the Widoktadwen center! 

Goat Walk, Lenape Talk: 11/25
Goat Walk and Lenape History Talk

Saturday, 11/25/23, 1:00 - 3:00

The Philly Goat Project invites you to this free Goat Walk and Lenape History talk by Chief Barbara Bluejay Michalski! Join the Philly Goats at Awbury, learn about the history of the original peoples of the land, and walk through the farm and arboretum. Goats hate rain, so check the Philly Goat Project events calendar and social media for updates about cancellations. RAIN DATE is 11/26.

Drexel Unvieiling: 11/29
Screenshot 2023-11-22 215127.png
Drexel University Land Acknowledgement Unveiling & reception

Wednesday, 11/29/23, 2:30 - 3:30

Join us at Drexel University for the unveiling of their newly installed Land Acknowledgement Marker! Student group Drexel Indigenous Students of the Americas will offer words alongside tribal leaders who consulted on the acknowledgement, including Chief Adam Waterbear. Recpetion to follow!

Beading Workshop: 12/9

Saturday, 12/9/23, 1:00 - 4:00

Woodmere Art Museum invites you to design and create bead embroidery using traditional Lenape techniques in this three-hour workshop taught by Clan Mother Teri Hislop! Learn about this traditional art form and discover how it has been used to illustrate stories and teachings of Lenape culture. Registration is required.

Holiday for the Animals: 12/16
4 Elements Earth Education's            Holiday for the Animals

Join us at this 4 Elements Earth Education family day event in Philadelphia, when 4E invites families to create and give 'gifts' back to Nature and her creatures during the Holiday season. Attendees are welcome to explore a small 'nature museum,' make take-home bird feeders, sit around a campfire, and hear Lenape animal stories from Chief Adam.

Saturday, 12/16/23

Solstice Fundraser: 12/21
FHH - Copy_edited_edited.jpg
Frenchtown Home & Hardware Winter Solstice Lenape Fundraiser

Join LNPA councilmembers in Frenchtown this Thursday, December 21st as Frenchtown Home and Hardware kicks-off the winter season with some good old-fashioned fun! Celebrate the Winter Solstice with live music, tasty food, and good company. All proceeds will be generously donated to the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania!

Thursday, 12/21, 5:00 - 9:00

I Am Still Here: 1/3
I am still here
Cape May MAC
(MuseumS. Arts. Culture.)

Wednesay, 1/3/24, 12:00

Not all Native Americans were relocated to reservations out West. Some of us were hidden in plain sight for generations, quietly retaining pieces of our culture, language and traditions in secret. Cape May MAC invites you in person or through Zoom to hear Clan Mother Teri Hislop (Xeli Otaesak Pilsit Xkw - Many Flowers Pure Spirit Woman) share her own story.

NDAL Symposium PA: 1/10-11
35th Annual Symposium:
Landscape, Ecology, & CUlture (Bryn Mawr, PA)

Wednesday & Thursday, 1/10-11/24, 9:00 - 5:00

New Directions in the American Landscape (NDAL)'s symposium celebrates native plants and innovative ecological practice. The diverse presenters include landscape architects, landscape designers, horticulturists, ecologists, historians, anthropologists, artists and others. Clan Mothers Ann and Shelley and Chief Adam will offer a session on 1/10 about creating indigenous horticultural spaces. Registration required; CEU's available. 

NDAL Symposium CT: 1/17-18
Lenape Past & Present: 1/28
Past and Present of the Lenape in Pennsylvania

Sunday, 1/28/24, 1:00 - 2:30

Join us when the Plymouth Meeting Friends invite Chief Adam Waterbear to discuss the past and present of the Lenape people, including pre-colonial life, relationships with William Penn, the era of Penn's Sons and the Walking Purchase, the Lenape diaspora, the Lenape who remained in their homeland, and what the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania is doing today to revitalize Lenape culture and continue their role as caretakers of the environment. Visit the Nation Table and participate in Q & A and discussion!

Langage Classes: Weekly
L Class.webp
Online Lenape Language Classes (Unami Dialect)

Our language classes, which have been featured in K. David Harrison’s The Last Speakers: The Quest to Save the World’s most Endangered Languages (published by National Geographic), have moved online! Clan Mother Shelley DePaul, Director of Language, has taught the Unami dialect of the Lenape Language in colleges, schools, and in the community. Over decades of research and teaching, she has developed a 390 page textbook for our language students, who are composed of nation members, community participants, university professors, and many others. Classes are free, but students need the textbook. 

Art & Culture Exhibit
Haverford exhibit pic.png
Enduring Presence Exhibit Coming to
Arcadia University

We created this exhibit with Haverford College in 2022, based on and expanded from our 2019 exhibit Enduring Presence, Everyday Artistry: The Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania at Temple University. This exhibit showcases our artistry, and was featured at Haverford in Spring '23. Visit the exhibit website for information, including a downloadable PDF catalog with curator essays. Now to be expanded and hosted at Arcadia University; check back for details!

Past & Present Exhibit
Fulfilling a Prophesy: The Past and Present of the Lenape in Pennsylvania

Visit this exhibit in person at our Cultural Center or tour the exhibit website. We created this exhibit with the University of Pennsylvania in 2008. It was hosted at the Penn Museum for three years, and afterward travelled to our Cultural Center, where it remains today. This exhibit tells the story of our people in four stages, arranged around a story of four crows.

Requesting Speakers
lenape nation lecture woodmere.JPG
Speaking engagements, Public events, and programs

We offer educational programs for all audiences, including K-12, colleges and universities, museums, historical societies, environmental organizations, faith-based organizations, and many others. Our drummers and dancers are happy to participate in public events (but we do not conduct our cultural ceremonies for the public). We speak on many topics, including Lenape history, presence, culture, stories, politics, art, and environmental stewardship. Feel free to contact us about these collaborations.

Lenape Gardens
Lenape Gardens
and Horticulture

We have collaborated on many Lenape gardens and planting projects with colleges and universities, arboretums, farms, nature preserves, and other organizations that would like to dedicate a space to growing traditional Lenape medicinal herbs or food crops. Whether the space spans feet or acres, a Lenape garden is a wonderful way to embrace indigenous culture in a beautiful and useful way. See this link for our Lenape Garden at the University of Pennsylvania, or download the article here. See this link for our garden at Staten Island's Skyline Community Garden. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in discussing.

Consults & Curriculum
Consultations: Curriculum Development, representation, and other topics

We are always happy to hear from people who want to assure that education about,  or representation of, our people is accurate and appropriate. We have professional and cultural educators who are always willing to discuss curriculum, land acknowledgements, exhibits, mascots, and other issues. Please get in touch if you would like to consult with us. 

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