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The information in this book is included in our Conversations in the Lenape Language textbook! 


Clan Mother Shelley Windamakwi DePaul is the Director of Language for the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania. She is a lifelong educator, and has dedicated decades to revitalizing the Lenape language, which is incredibly endangered. This 64 page booklet includes a Lenape-to-English dictionary, an English-to-Lenape dictionary, and an appendix of verb conjugations, all in the Southern Unami dialect of the Lenape language. 


DePaul's Lenape language classes at Swarthmore College have been featured in the book The Last Speakers: The Quest to Save the World’s most Endangered Languages, written by linguist and anthrolpologist K. David Harrison and published by National Geographic. She continues to teach classes to the Lenape community and all interested learners.


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100% of the proceeds support the Lenape Nation of PA.

Lenape Language Dictionary & Verb Conjugations

  • 64 Pages, 8 x 11

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