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This 56-page booklet, compiled and edited by Marya "Dance in the Sun" Tipton, is packed with over 150 recipes for Lenape cooking, which are divided into two sections.


Section 1, Traditional Recipes: This section focuses on foods harvested in Lenapehokink before European settlement such as corn, beans, squash, sunflowers, berries, nuts, and game.


Section 2, Neo-Traditional Recipes: This section includes foods presently harvested in Lenapehokink that were introduced after European contact. For example: potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers were grown by our southern neighbors, while apples, wheat, dairy, and peaches were brought from across the Atlantic. 


100% of the proceeds support the Lenape Nation of PA.

Lenape Harvest Cookbook

  • 56 Pages, 8 x 11

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